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We leverage Awesome Technologies

Chain Capital hold an unique position in the Fintech market. We focus on innovative cutting-edge technologies and package them to solutions to the financial market.

Technology Focus

We believe the alpha return can be generated from the quality of research, and the foundamention of this is our people.

Swiss Based

The company is independent and established in Kanton Zug under Swiss law, founded by 4 highly qualified and experienced financial experts and researchers.

Ventrue Strategies

We embrace emerging technologies even in the premature period. Together with business partners, we ground the technology into practical usage.

Our Strength

We invest in sectors in which we have deep domain expertise and work with our companies to tailor value creation plans that support long-term growth.

Research Force

The company has been formed by senior finance or technology experts, our average industry experience has more than 12 years.


We are fully aware of the importance of compliance when the new technolody comes into the regulated market, our team has long-term compliance know-how, together with 3rd party consultants


We build the sophiscated and cutting-edge platform from our own technologies and aim to build a cornerstone in this new sector.

Partner Network

In this ever-increasing market, our partnership network come cross Europe, North America and Asia. We source the best solutions to minimize the operating risk for our clients.

Core Team

Who are running the business

Our success depends on the strength of our team. Founded by two former Swiss banking veterans, Harry and Ian met during their respective careers at Coutts Bank and UBS and believed there was an opportunity to create an advisory firm in this niche market.

Harry Zhang

H. Zhang

Ian Lan

Y. Lan
Partner, CFA

Lynda Smith

J.C. Rost
Research, PhD

Jürgen Bönisch

J. Bönisch
Compliance, LLM

Kelvin Leung

K. Leung

Rigorous Risk Management

as the cornerstone of sustainable success

We believe the short-term market performance is mainly driven by market sentiments. Our artificial intelligence engine monitors the market opinions of major financial institutions, calculates their market impacts, weighted by their historical performance.


We Are Here For You

We’re focused and invested on high-growth technology opportunities across functions and industries, including Infrastructure Platforms, Distributed Ledgers and Data Services, Media Tech, FinTech and Healthcare.

High Performance
Book Engine

Differing from traditional booking systems by allowing financial booking to be very flexible and automatically scalable.

The working flow can be designed and separately implemented in event driven model. Additionally, business can request throughput changes and the system will spread the data and traffic over a number of servers using solid-state drives, allowing predictable performance.

Safe Keeping

The newly defined tokenized economy push the existing custody market to be changed.

We partnered with leading technology companies to provider unique storage or custodian solutions for asset management industry and prime brokerage or asset servicing sectors.


Our proprietary software offers a novel solution to settle between two standard financial or traditional assets, without a centralised organizer or venue.

We work out complaint solutions with industry-standard protocols for institutions or 3rd party asset managers to form most popular asset types and in-source administrative and technology services.

Risk Management

We leverage open-source standarads provider real-time data visualization tools for risk management and financial controlling.

The combination of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, referred to as the "Elastic Stack" that solves a major headache like data analysis or risk control to monitor the whole organizaion with sophiscated IT infrastructures.

Our Clients

We focus on sector and do it well

Chain Capital targets distinctive market-leading companies and groups with the potential for growth. Our only focus makes us a specialized and trustful partner with our clients and investors.

Asset Managers


Venture Capitals

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